IMODDUS - Genetic and epigenetic regulation of apple skin color variation in “Gala” apple (epi)mutants

This project aims to increase the efficiency and reliability of DUS testing of apple mutants. Its final goal is to develop genetic and epigenetic markers to help differentiating apple mutants.

We first focused on Gala which is one of the most planted apple variety in the world and which exhibits a huge number of commercial ‘mutants’.

In the first two years, we followed three approaches:

1. Set up standardized phenotyping of apple fruit color

2. Sequence the ‘Gala’ genome using the latest technologies and re-sequence seven ‘Gala’ mutants using classic high throughput sequencing allowing the detection of putative genetic differences between the reference ‘Gala’ and the mutants.

3. Assess for epigenetic differences between ‘Gala’ and its mutants genome-wide at the DNA methylation level

Date de modification : 11 septembre 2023 | Date de création : 26 février 2020 | Rédaction : JMC